Monday, December 29, 2008

Lloyd's Diner

Earlier this year, C.C. Chapman and I had breakfast at the well-hidden Lloyd's diner in Framingham, MA. Thought I'd provide an update based on my memories of the outing.

If I recall, it was late winter/early spring, on a raw morning when the rain was pelting down in the gravel parking lot. I waited in the car for a while before C.C. arrived, and I saw a variety of people entering: police officers, businessmen, bus drivers - clearly all locals. This place evidently was a hidden gem. One of the reasons I knew about it was from the Roadside Architecture site.

The booths were tight, as you'd expect from a vintage Worcester Lunch Car (this was #783, made in 1942), and the draft from the busy door being opened & closed as cold. But the coffee was hot and the butter on the toast was thickly spread, so all was good.

More than the food though, what I remember was having a great conversation with a good friend - in this case, C.C. We talked about work and family life and all of the kinds of things you'd expect two busy guys to discuss. But what stands out for me is how hard the place was to find and how worthwhile it was once I got there.

In this case, I was determined to (1) try a new place that I heard great things about; and (2) make sure I spent some time with a valued friend, whom I hadn't seen since our last diner outing some 3 months previous. While we may be connected digitally, it's the face-to-face that counts. And when it's difficult to make happen, it's this kind of commitment that differentiates an acquaintance from a friend.

I suppose this is a metaphor for life. Very seldom are the worthwhile things easy to achieve. Sure there's dumb luck sometimes, but if you don't prepare yourself to be ready, or if you don't keep persevering, you may find that your most fervent desires don't just show up on your doorstep.

So this year, make some time to do what's right, even though it may not be easy. You'll find yourself handsomely rewarded, even if it's just with a sense of satisfaction.

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